24th to 25th January 2018, 9 am to 5 pm

Trade Fair & Symposium

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Menu of the buffet & Location

(C) Andre Schütt
(C) Andre Schütt
(C) Andre Schütt

Champagne Reception

Bacchuskeller sparkling wine
Hauff's Secco with Aperol
orange juice


Smoked salmon with mustard dill sauce and horseradish cream
Pink roasted bacon of Wesermarsch beef with sauce remoulade
Pickled fried herring in onion sauce
Honeydew melon with cottage ham
Market fresh leaf salads with different dressings
Salad of buffalo mozzarella with tomato and rucolapesto
Cucumber salad, tomato salad, pepper and onion salad
Bread variation with greaves and butter

Bremen potato soup with bacon and fried bread cubes

Juicy roast pork with mustard and marjoram marinated on creamy mushroom ragout
Fried chicken breast on carrot-cabbage rabbi in chives cream
Fjord salmon fillet with vegetable strips and Dijon mustard sauce
small fried potatoes and herb rice

Bremen red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce
Mousse of local chocolate with cloves
Cheese variation from the board


White and red wine according to choice of the house
Beck's and Franciscan wheat beer from the barrel / Alster
Beck's and Franziskaner Weißbier non-alcoholic
mineral water
soft drinks